Good news: each social media platform (ie. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) offers a new chance to meet prospective customers or partners. Bad news: it takes a lot of time to keep each platform updated with current info.

At MainStreetOpen we have a new application that will ease some of this burden. Our Facebook Page App will create a custom tab with dynamic content from your web site on your Facebook Fan Page. Our app pulls data from your web site – both static content (about us, contact) and dynamic (via your RSS feed) — and generates a custom tab with this data on your FB Fan Page.

The best part is that this information is updated automatically when you change the web site content. You NEVER have to update the Facebook Fan Page data. Our app will automatically keep it in sync with you web content.

The Facebook Page App is fully customizable. We can configure the content and graphics to match your site. This works with WordPress sites and any other content manager that generate an RSS feed.

Two examples: (Latest News tab) — data comes from (Web Site tab) — data comes from

MainStreetOpen’s Facebook Page App starts at $300 plus customization. That’s a one time cost that will keep your Facebook Fan Page current without any effort from you. Contact Main Street for details.