oopsEmail marketing ceased being cool a few years ago. Spammers and overuse tarnished it’s reputation, but despite recent news reports, email marketing is not dead. It’s actually still very cost effective.

Social media marketing gives us access to fans and their friends, but Facebook continues to raise the bar on how often you have to “pay” to get this “free” advertising. Even with a million fans, if you aren’t paying to promote each post, you probably aren’t reaching the majority of them.

Email marketing can still be accomplished at an extremely low cost — often for free if you have less than a few thousand subscribers. Even with spam filters it has a better than average chance of getting to your customer’s eyes compared to social media or direct mail.

But email marketing still relies on collecting those important email addresses before it will work. Make sure you have a process to collect email addresses from new customers and prospects. Put a subscription form on your website allowing interested visitors to subscribe for more information. Even if you don’t produce an email newsletter today, you can still collect email addresses for the future.

Don’t write off email as old technology. Like anything else, it probably won’t stand as your exclusive marketing channel, but you will be amazed the results you can generate from a quarterly enews blast or occasional special offer. The cost is minimal once you have the list, and the results often come back the same day. You can’t say that about direct mail.

Start collected email addresses. Give us a shout if you need help.