Micro-sites are small websites that are highly optimized to specific niche markets. The results can be amazing.

Example 1: Five years ago we built a small website for a local realtor that targeted a specific niche market – garden homes. The site has about 7 pages of content and a blog which hasn’t been updated in years. Even so, the site still has top search engine ranking for garden homes in this suburb and still generates several new prospects a week and about one SALE a month. Not bad for tiny site with no new content.

Example 2: My son and I decided to repair lawnmowers on the side as a hobby (he is mechanical). I built a really quick and dirty website for the project – one page and a contact form. The site was optimized for SEO, but has no blog, and no new content since launch. The site holds a top Google ranking for lawnmower repair in our area. We get 2 or 3 calls per week from the site, and almost all of them turn into business – and we do no other advertising.

These micro-sites work because they are small and keyword targeted. When you build a big real estate site that covers all types of property across a large metropolitan area, there is not enough focus on any particular keyword to get good keyword rankings. The small micro-site has a higher concentration of keywords and more opportunities to optimize the domain name and page titles. The small sites are inexpensive to build, but still generate great results within the targeted keyword.

The realtor from the first example is now planning to build another site targeting a new niche. She understands that several small targeted sites will bring her more business than her “all things to all people” brokerage provided website.

The other critical factor on these sites is that in both cases, the customers are new to the area. They don’t know local realtors, or local lawnmower shops, so they are using Google to find a vendor. In that case the top Google listing gets the call.

There are dozens of realtors in this area who can sell you a garden home. But only one in this area has website dedicated to the topic. When the retiree from out of state starts searching for a garden home in this area, which site do you think Google provides first? And people aren’t looking for realtors, they are looking for homes.

Do you have a target market that would benefit from a highly optimized micro-site?