phoneI’ve known Cory Miller from for years, and last week he came over to shoot some video for our upcoming video blog. After the shoot was over he offered to say some nice things about Main Street. (I didn’t ask him too, but I certainly didn’t refuse when he offered.)

When he did the testimonial he mentioned that one of the key reasons he trusts Main Street to take care of his referred customers is because when clients call, we answer the phone!

I hadn’t thought about answering the phone as a competitive advantage in the high-technology world, but now that I think about it, we do work with a lot of vendors who are reachable only via email.

So, if you are looking for real people who answer their own phones, then Main Street may be a good fit for you. We are generally in the office from 8am – 5pm central time, Monday – Friday. Give us a call.  (We also respond to emails pretty promptly too.)

Cory’s complete testimonial is here. Thanks Cory!