web-design2 hour lunch & learn format. Non-technical for business owners.

Sponsored by: Noble Chamber of Commerce, Discover Church & Mid-America Technology Center

This seminar will teach you what business owners need to know about search engines and the proper ways to improve your site rankings for the long term.

This session quickly explains how search engines work, then outlines the “Google recommended” techniques for improving your long term search engine placement. Learn what Google wants to see on your site, and how to provide it. Understand how to make simple changes to your site that can drastically improve your ranking.

Learn why gimmicky “black hat” techniques don’t work for long and can actually lower your ranking or lead to your site being blacklisted by Google.

Get access to three free tools that can help you understand how Google sees your site, where your traffic comes from, and the popularity of specific keywords.

Topics include:

  • Understanding search engines
  • Rifle vs shotgun marketing
  • Five simple steps to improve your ranking
  • One long term strategy to improve your ranking

Search Engine Optimization for Business Owners

Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Discover Church, 1002 Hamilton Dr, Noble OK 73068

Cost: $10 for Noble Chamber members, $15 for non-members (price includes lunch)

Register online: http://www.matech.edu/bis/sbm/