one-page-websiteWho can benefit from a one-page website?

  • Acme Manufacturing has a new product offering that will target a new customer base. They need a place to start marketing to the new customers, and start building some search engine presence, but they aren’t ready to spend the money on a full fledged website.
  • Ma’s Diner has never had a website. There is no money in the budget for a new site, but they understand they need more than a Google maps listing to attract new visitors from out of town.
  • Tammy’s Treasures is a new startup. The brand and marketing are still evolving, but they need something online quickly to help get them listed on search engines. They don’t want to spend a lot of money yet, but they need something more professional than a Facebook page.
  • Jones Financial Services markets their product to five different unrelated customer groups. For search engine purposes they need five different sites – each targeting a specific customer type – but they aren’t ready to invest in five full-blown websites.

In each case, a one-page website offers a quick, inexpensive, and effective solution.

A typical one-page website provides the same information as a one page brochure. They identify your product, your market, your competitive advantage, and details how to contact your company. All of this content is carefully loaded with keywords to give you the maximum search engine exposure.

With a simple design and limited content, these sites go up much quicker and less expensively than traditional websites. But even without the full price, they still can provide full exposure to search engines.

A one-page site allows you to create a new set of primary keywords for your business. If you are selling into multiple unrelated markets (ie. an insurance agent wanting to target doctors, lawyers and accountants) you can build multiple one-page sites. Each site specifically targets that one market – “insurance for doctors”, “insurance for lawyers”, and “insurance for accountants”. To search engines, each site has the impact of a completely dedicated site — at a fraction of the cost.

For products and markets that are new and evolving, one-page sites give you a quick and easy way to launch. As the marketing evolves, you can update and expand the site. It’s not unusual to see a one-page site grow into a full blown marketing site over time. In any case, it gives you flexibility in your online marketing.

Next time you want to expand your marketing, but aren’t ready to commit the big bucks, give a one-page website a try. You might be surprised how well it works.
Terrell Sanders is president of Main Street Enterprises, a web development and consulting firm that specializes in small businesses and non-profits. He can be reached at