Like a lot of things in life, websites need to be updated every few years even if they were fabulous when launched. We don’t think you need to update every year just because, but there are some factors that will help you decide when to go for a new look.

Here are two ways to know it’s time to update your website:

1. Your website doesn’t look good on a smart phone

Research from earlier this year showed 63% of adult cell phone users use their phone to go online. Over 30% use their phone as their primary internet access device. Especially if your web visitors are young, your site needs to be usable and look good on a mobile device.

2. Your website doesn’t integrate with your social media.

Over 74% of online adults use social media. Today your business probably needs a strong social media presence, especially if you market to consumers. Social media traffic compliments your website, but doesn’t replace it. You need to have foolproof ways to drive traffic from your website to your social media, and from your social media to your website.

Fortunately, updating websites is significantly easier and less expensive than building new websites. Usually most of the content can be reused, and the basic navigational structure stays the same. If the original website was well designed and had good content to begin with, then the revision is more of an update than a complete rebuild.

Take a look at your site. Then give us a call if you want another opinion on how to make it most effective in today’s market.

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