WordPress version 2.9 is expected to be released this year. The beta is expected to be available at the end of October, and if everything cleans up well, the final release is expected around early December.

What to expect in 2.9? Some pretty cool stuff is being promised:

  • Dedicated thumbnail images on posts. A separate image you can upload for use as a thumbnail.
  • Trash function for deleted items. Pages and posts that are deleted will go to “Trash can” and can be un-deleted rather than lost forever.
  • Basic image editing built-in. Uploaded images can be rotated, flipped, cropped and resized inside WP.
  • Widgets outside the sidebars. New functions will allow widget placement anywhere on the page.

Fun stuff! As usual, we don’t recommend our clients (or their clients) rush out and upgrade as soon as 2.9.0 is released. Let other people find the hidden bugs, and keep your site stable until 2.9 has been patched a couple of times.

After that, we think 2.9 will have some great new features that both WP developers and WP users will enjoy.