social-media-webThe secret to getting a good response on social media is understanding your followers. People don’t follow you on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram to see another copy of your standard advertising, they follow because they want to see behind the scenes and be treated as insiders. To get people’s attention on social media you need to post things they haven’t seen somewhere else.

Most people like being insiders, and are more likely to share your content when they think they have information their friends don’t have. A good series of insiders posts will build buzz, allow you many more touch points than traditional advertising, and will be more likely to be shared.

Here are 20 possible social media posts to promote your next big event:

1. Create a unique hashtag for your event and ask you followers to use it too.
2. Pictures of planning meetings for event.
3. Announce speaker or session details before they are public.
4. Pictures of last year’s event.
5, Pictures (or video) of venue before setup.
6. Pictures (or video) of tshirts and/or supplies as they come in from vendors.
7. Short video interviews from past attendees.
8. Pictures of staff preparing materials / kits / handouts.
9. Pictures of food prep.
10. Pictures of speakers with teasers from their sessions.
11. Pictures (or video) of event setup.
12. Pictures of hotels or lodgings.
13. Short videos with staff about upcoming event.
14. Pictures of entertainment.
15. Pictures of team packing everything up to go.
16. Pictures of rehearsals, sound check.
17. Pictures of volunteers during setup.
18. Green room interview videos with speakers.
19. Update on registration counts.
20. Pictures of attendees during the event (where they can tag themselves).

You can mix your standard marketing messages in with these items. When posting pictures of the venue, don’t be afraid to include “Only 10 days left to register at the earlybird price!”. Make it fun. Make it shareable. But most importantly, make it something special that they only get on social media.

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