1. Put your keywords on your site
It’s amazing how many businesses complain their site isn’t listed under their preferred keywords, when those keywords aren’t even on the site’s homepage. If you want to be listed as the top plumber in Springfield, you must have the words PLUMBER and SPRINGFIELD on your site. They should be in the page title, the copy, and included in links to other pages or images.

2. Pick keywords your customers are using
In marketing, we’ve learned to transpose our products and benefits when talking to clients. Insurance agents don’t sell insurance, they sell “piece of mind”. Investment firms don’t sell stocks and retirement plans, they sell “financial security”. While those are nice marketing concepts, very few people are searching for “piece of mind” or “financial security” on Google. They are looking for car insurance and IRAs. Use the keywords that your clients will be using.

3. Always define a description meta tag
When your listing comes up on a search engine, it includes a short mini-paragraph describing your page. Where does Google get those words? If you have a DESCRIPTION meta tag defined on your site, they will usually use it. If not, Google will cobble together parts of your home page and create one. The resultant mashup is rarely a good description of your business. By using a specifically created DESCRIPTION meta tag you can define exactly what your search engine summary says.

4. Load keywords in page titles
Page titles are one of the most under-used tools when optimizing for search engines. Search engines pay attention to page titles and give extra weight to them. Instead of “Acme Inc.” as your page title, change it to “Acme – premium auto and truck repair serving Springfield”.

5. Submit a sitemap to Google
Google offers two incredible free tools to help you optimize your site. Google Analytics lets you see stats on your site traffic, where it came from, and which keywords they used. Google Webmaster Tools allows you upload a sitemap to Google to insure they are aware of all the important pages on your site. Both tools take a bit of work to setup, but they are free and provide valuable information you can’t get anywhere else.

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