Founded in 1998, Main Street is an Oklahoma-based corporation providing web development and online communications consulting to small businesses and non-profits across the US.

It was founded by Terrell Sanders to develop sophisticated web interfaces and database applications for commercial, public and government clients. Past projects have included web-to-cell phone dispatching systems, custom point-of-sale applications, and web interfaces for FAA flight simulators.

Areas of Specialization

Churches & Non-Profits
Our largest customer base consists of churches and charitable non-profits. We have developed websites and social media pages for some of the largest churches in the US. We work with our clients to develop mobile-friendly websites and social media campaigns that will attract new members, streamline communications, and improve fundraising.

After working with churches for years, we found that there were virtually no educational resources available for ministries interested in improving marketing and communications. In addition to our web development, in 2005 we produced the first MinistryCOM national conference. This event specifically targeting education and support for church communications professionals. More information is available at www.MinistryCOM.org.

Small Businesses
Since our earliest days, we have worked with small businesses to create websites and online applications. We consult with clients on the best way to blend mobile-friendly websites, search engine optimization, and social media to generate the best results.

WordPress Development
Main Street has significant experience with WordPress, currently the most popular web development platform in the world. Our expertise includes custom plugin development which is often beyond the technical abilities of many advertising agencies or small developers. As such, we are frequently sub-contracted by other agencies and developers to create custom plugins, themes, and website frameworks from their specs.

Our Team

terrellsanderst1Terrell Sanders is the president and lead consultant for Main Street. He has way too many years experience in technology consulting, programming, network engineering, and business process automation. He has a degree in Physics and several obsolete technical certifications.

Terrell and his wife live on a rural acreage outside Norman, OK. They have an organic garden, cats, chickens and high-speed internet that works most of the time.
Email: tsanders@MainStreetOpen.com
Office: 405-330-0800 x101
Direct: 405-203-3029

Adam White is the creative director and project manager for Main Street. He holds a degree in graphic design and has significant experience in web development technologies. He acts as project manager on most web projects.

Email: awhite@MainStreetOpen.com
Office: 405-330-0800 x102
Direct: 405-771-0636

Main Street Open is now NXiL MEDiA LLC, providing premium WordPress Hosting and technical support. Click here for the new website.