After 20 years in the web development business, we’ve seen a lot of platforms and programming tools come and go. Today there are a number of decent proprietary systems for basic web development – Wix, SquareSpace, Hibu, and others. But at Main Street, we work exclusively with the open source WordPress platform. Here are five quick reasons why:

1. WordPress is more secure. Open source means the source code is published. Anybody can examine it, find security issues, and create fixes. This means there are literally tens of thousands of security people scouring the code every month to make it more secure. When issues are found, they are fixed within hours or days. No proprietary vendor has those resources, not even Microsoft or Apple.

2. WordPress has more features. WordPress contains a respectable level of features in the basic platform, but its open source nature means thousands of developers worldwide are continuously creating new plugins, themes, and features to enhance it. Most of these enhancements are free. Meanwhile a generation of professional developers are creating business-class plugins and themes for WordPress to do everything from secure shopping carts to online registration. Proprietary vendors can’t write, test, market, and support new plugins anywhere near as quickly as the worldwide WordPress developer community.

3. WordPress is the best supported platform. Currently WordPress is the largest web development platform in use, running over 30% of all websites in the world. Consequently, there is a massive base of community supported documentation across the internet. Everything from How To videos to Facebook developer groups are available, mostly at no cost.

4. WordPress is portable. Proprietary sites only work when hosted by their vendor. If you build a site with Wix, SquareSpace, or the GoDaddy site builder, you can’t move to another host. If you leave that vendor, you lose all your development investment. The WordPress platform runs on most hosting platforms and is supported by professional developers worldwide. If you outgrow your host, or your developer, you can move your site without losing everything and starting over.

5. WordPress is easy to use. The number one requirement our prospects bring up is that they want to be able to edit their own site after we build it. They want a platform that is robust enough to create a business-class website, but still easy enough for non-programmers to be able to edit. WordPress was originally created for bloggers, and has always maintained a very easy-to-use backend system for maintenance.

This is why we have worked exclusively in the WordPress platform for the last decade. While most of our client sites are built by integrating existing plugins and themes, our staff has the technical expertise to develop custom themes and plugins. Main Street even provides third-party support to other web developers.

As you can tell, we are huge WordPress fans. Give us a call if you want to learn more.

Main Street Open is now NXiL MEDiA LLC, providing premium WordPress Hosting and technical support. Click here for the new website.