Starting with the July update, Google’s Chrome browser will start showing “Not secure” beside the address bar on all websites not using HTTPS connections (SSL encryption).

Google has been slowly pressuring developers to create more secure websites for the last few years. Previously they have only been flagging insecure sites that took inputs (contact forms, search boxes, order forms, etc.) Starting with the July 2018 update, they will flag all sites not using encryption, regardless of whether they take user input or not.

Even if you are not doing e-commerce, Chrome will begin flagging non-SSL sites after the July update.

This does not affect your website performance, or limit your website users, but it does create questions among website users on why some sites have a green lock saying “secure” and other sites have “Not secure” by their addresses.

All WordPress based sites can be easily upgraded to HTTPS connections. The developer will need to register an SSL certificate for your website that authenticates your site. Certificate costs vary, but typically run less than $250/year. Ecommerce sites require higher-end certificates. Once the certificate has been issued, the developer will configure the website to run all services using encryption.

Contact Main Street for specific details on SSL encryption for your site.

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