Starting yesterday (4/21/15), Google will take your site’s “mobile-friendliness” into account when providing search results to mobile devices. This means your site may rank lower on Google searches from cell phones and tablets if they don’t deem it “mobile-friendly”.

According to Google, roughly 50% of online searches come from mobile devices. In an effort to show the best results to their clients, they are now factoring in the mobile quality of your site when they generate results. They are not banning sites that don’t display well on mobile devices, but when multiple results are available, they will give preference to those that can generate better results on a mobile device.

For example: If a user on a cell phone or tablet Googles “Lucky Dragon Chinese food Tulsa OK” they will most likely get Lucky Dragon’s site regardless of it’s mobile-friendliness. But if they search for “Chinese food Tulsa OK”, Lucky Dragon may get pushed lower in the rankings if Google finds other Chinese restaurants in Tulsa have more mobile-friendly sites.

Google has a free tool to let you check your site:

If you have a new, responsive site, you should be in good shape. If your site is deemed “not mobile-friendly” by the Google Gods, then it’s probably time to update your website. Otherwise you can expect a drop in search traffic from the 50% of Google searches that originate from a mobile device.

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