Internet and technology usage is reaching near-saturation levels

According to a 2018 study from Pew Research, cell phone usage, internet usage, and smartphone ownership are all virtually saturated (97-99%) for adults under 50, college graduates, and households with income over $75K.

Social media usage comes in slightly lower (77-82%) for the same demographics. Still showing there are very few adult Americans who are not reached by the internet and social media. Source

More Americans going cashless

Almost 30% of Americans don’t use cash during a typical week according to a recent Pew survey. Adults with higher incomes, and younger adults are most likely to go cashless during a normal week. Source

Church online giving increases

Recent study shows 74% of US churches offer the ability to give online. 90% of large churches (200+ attendees) accept online donations, while 54% of churches under 200 attendance use online giving. Source

Websites converting to HTTPS make the internet safer

Google has been pushing website owners to convert to HTTPS (adding SSL encryption to the website) for several years. This makes internet traffic harder to spoof and protects data transmitted from browers to web servers.

Currently over half of all internet traffic is encrypted, and 71 of 100 most popular websites have enabled HTTPS by default. Source

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