Young adult using a smart phone

One of the big trends in our business these last few years has been converting existing websites to “responsive” designs to make them more usable from mobile devices. These mobile-friendly websites are generating better results than traditional designs.

Here are three reasons why:

1. More people are using mobile devices to access the internet.
The original mobile internet users were teenagers who lived with their phone in their hands. Teens are still big mobile users, but now they are joined by millions of soccer Moms, contractors, and other business people who spend much of their life away from an office and desktop computer. These mobile workers are now accessing the internet though smart phones and tablets.

2. Google penalizes non-mobile-friendly websites on mobile search rankings.
Google realizes that almost half of their search traffic comes from mobile devices now, so they are adjusting results rankings to favor websites that are mobile-friendly on their results. Regardless of your previous ranking, if your site is not mobile-friendly, Google will now rank you lower on results sent to mobile users.

3. People are more comfortable doing business on mobile devices.
Mobile users are increasingly more comfortable doing transactions over mobile devices. They are willing to make appointments online, do simple transactions and registrations, and even make online purchases over smart phones and tablets. By offering these functions on a mobile site, businesses are capturing the transaction at the point of need, instead of requiring customers to “go back to the office” to place an order.

Mobile-friendly websites are an expected part of business now. Few organizations can afford to ignore the huge number of mobile web users, and the ones who have optimized their sites for mobile transactions are seeing results.

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