Every business needs a strong website. There are several reasons: your website is the digital anchor for all your marketing efforts, your website is the online resource library that receives all your “For more information” references, but most importantly, your website is your first point of contact for many potential customers.

In an age where the Yellow Pages has been replaced by Google, many new prospects will find your company via an internet search. They will see your website before they ever visit your business or contact a sales rep. If your website doesn’t make a good first impression or doesn’t engage them quickly – then they will likely move to the next listing on Google. Critically, a bad website can prevent good prospects from doing business with you.

Therefore, the primary purpose of your website is to attract potential customers and encourage them to take the next step (call, request info, buy, etc.)

Your website marketing copy, photos, search engine placement, and everything else should be designed to resonate with your target clients. Your website, or at least the home page, should be designed primarily to address first-time prospects, and direct them to your recommended next steps.

One more thing: They will almost certainly be viewing your website over a smart phone, so that first impression will happen on a mobile view.

Free Website Evaluation
Main Street offers free, no obligation, website evaluations. We will review your website design, content structure, search engine optimization, and mobile-friendliness. Then our experts will offer suggestions on how your site can make a better first impression — all at no cost. Email tsanders@MainStreetOpen.com to schedule a free evaluation.

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