Every church needs a strong website. There are several reasons: your website is the digital anchor for all your online promotion, your website is the online resource library that receives all your “click here for more information” links, but most importantly, your website is your first point of contact for many potential guests.

For many new people in your area, your website will be your church’s first impression. Potential guests will “check out” your website (and others) when deciding where to visit. As such, your website’s primary purpose is to attract guests and move them to the next step – to visit one of your services. If your website gives a bad first impression, or doesn’t give enough information, it will strongly reduce the chances they will visit you at all.

Who are these mysterious website visitors? They are mostly young families, which also happens to be the exact target demographic for church growth. This age group shops online and researches online — finding a new church is no different.

Therefore, the primary purpose of your website is to attract young families and encourage them to attend a service.

Your website content, photos, search engine placement, and everything else should be designed to resonate with a young family searching for a new church home. Your website, or at least the home page, should be designed primarily with first-time guests in mind.

One more thing: They will almost certainly be viewing your website over a smart phone, so that first impression will happen on a mobile view.

Main Street has developed a checklist to assist with developing a guest-friendly website. Email info@MainStreetOpen.com to request a free copy of this checklist.


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